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This page was created and is maintained by myself, Damon Timm. I am currently a ASL-English Interpreting student at Northeastern University in my last year of the Interpreting program (though not my last year with the University). I hope that the essays, research projects and opinions shared within these pages serve useful for those of you who have taken the time to visit them; may you each draw something of value from the work presented here, and may it inspire you to think critically and productively about the Interpreting profession. Below are some quick answers to questions you may have regarding this page. Links --If you are looking for books or videos related to interpreting or American Sign Language I would highly recommend using Some links on this site run directly to the listing of a particular book--this way, you can read others feedback of a particular book and perhaps even purchase it if you are interested.

Quality Control -- I do not take responsibility for the quality of the work presented here; I would feel awkward judging someone's work as inadequate and another's worthy and therefore feel that this web page should be a place where all writings and opinions can have some use. I have not edited these pieces (unless there was some blatant error that the author obviously overlooked). I feel that is the responsibility of the author and her or his friends, family or colleagues--plus, I am a student, have a job and am very busy as it is. I will try to organize the work here in a way that will make it easy to decipher which work may be considered scholarly, and which personal or opinionated without injuring or insulting the person who is posting their work for the public. But, please remember that this is not a web page maintained by a board or a group of people with a specific mission--it is just me. Unless otherwise noted, you can assume that the work posted here is by students.

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